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Fourth Wave Strategies, LLC is a corporate responsibility and social impact consulting firm that advises purpose-driven businesses and nonprofit organizations on strategy, communications and execution to increase their impact and grow their businesses. Fourth Wave clients are strategic, forward-thinking changemakers in their industries and communities.

Shanda Vangas

Shanda Vangas is a passionate and strategic community leader with more than 25 years of experience working to address critical social issues through the private, nonprofit and public sectors. Learn more.


To use our unique skills, talents and abilities as a force for good.

To provide businesses and organizations of any type and size with the expertise they need to achieve their goals and increase their positive impact on society.


The significance of the Fourth Wave Strategies name is fourfold:

  • Waves can be defined as “surging or progressing movements”. Social impact often occurs through grassroots movements that create waves of change.

  • Not satisfied with the status quo, Shanda is a natural disruptor who loves to make waves.

  • Shanda launched the company when she and her partner, Brett, took a literal and figurative leap and relocated to Maui, Hawaii to start the next wave of their lives and careers.

  • The Fourth Wave of Business/Capitalism has been described as a time when business will be transacted authentically through the creation of sustainable, profitable and purpose-driven enterprises with leaders who embrace an attitude of global leadership.


Fourth Wave Strategies helps clients develop and execute strategies and programs that align with their values, meet the needs of stakeholders and maximize social impact.


Our clients don’t ride the waves of change, they create them.

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